You must take your time with commercial landscape design in Dallas. The goal is to create a unique space that will tally with your brand and make your customers trust your product and services while leaving them comfortable.

However, this must be an intentional job. So, this article will guide you through how to imbibe the principles of landscape design in Dallas to provide your clients with a natural, functional, and inviting space.


Work with the Gorilla in the Room

The first thing is to identify what the problem is. Sometimes, the job is more simple and you only want a beautiful design. But other times, it’s complicated, and you are trying to solve a terrible drainage problem or work around terrible soil.

Identifying all the whys is super helpful in creating a design that serves its purpose.

Create a Focal Point

Every landscape design in Dallas should have something that the eyes would always return to. Sometimes, it’s a waterfall or a particularly beautiful rock; other times, it’s a statue or a bed of flowers. 

You need to choose your focal point and carve it out of the rest of the design without it looking unpleasant.

Remember that the focal point should not contrast with the main entrance or make it undiscoverable. Sometimes, even the entrance is enough to make it into the focal point. A landscape should be inviting and aim to get people into your building.

Water and Energy Conservation

Being sustainability conscious in designing your commercial landscape is very important. This is why you must consider minimum energy or water consumption. For example, you can introduce a green roof to help you reduce expenses on cooling and heating the building. 

At Golden Construction we can offer you different energy-conserving options.

Create a Balance

Balancing helps to achieve a more natural and appealing look. Your design should not be domineering on one side in a way that overwhelms the other side. There are three types of balance to watch out for: 


This is about the formal rhythm and lines of the landscape design. Something should be repeated at regular intervals to keep the theme going. For example, you can have pine trees feet away from each other or wooden chairs at strategic locations.


The two sides of the building should not be far apart. This doesn’t mean they have to contain all the same things outright; they just need a united theme. 


Ensure that things far from a viewer look proportional to things close to them. Here, the key is for a viewer’s depth of field of vision to catch overlooking items that do not greatly contrast with the landscape design.

Maintain Harmony

There’s little worse than a promising landscape design in Dallas that’s completely in contrast with the exterior and interior design of the building. When it comes to commercial landscaping, the goal is to communicate a brand.  Therefore, you must pick a landscape design that accentuates the building’s architecture and offers a glimpse of the inside.

Achieve Your Dream Landscape Design!

At Golden Construction Services, we are a firm that believes in creating harmonious landscape designs that pull our clients in. We are a commercial construction company in Texas offering all kinds of designs, and we will help you work through all the steps to achieve your desired design. Contact us today to get a quote.

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