1. Smart Building Systems with Integrated IoT Technology


The Internet of Things (IoT) provides facility managers and commercial construction in Texas with access to previously inaccessible data. Through small connected sensors, IoT can seamlessly integrate with automated building systems, enhancing operational sustainability for commercial construction in Texas. For instance, IoT sensors can automatically regulate ventilation and lighting levels based on real-time temperature, weather, and CO2 measurements. Technology data and IoT are shaping smart buildings and streamlining facility management processes.


  1. Synthetic Roof Underlayment


Traditional roof underlayment is often asphalt-based and prone to rapid degradation, necessitating frequent replacement to prevent moisture infiltration into the building’s interior. Synthetic roof underlayment provides a lightweight alternative that withstands the rigors of outdoor exposure. Crafted from recycled scrap materials, this material utilizes polymers and effectively eliminates VOCs from the underlayment.


  1. Green Roofs


Another advancement in commercial construction in Texas is the adoption of green roofs. These roofs feature a layer of vegetation such as grass, plants, flowers, and bushes growing atop the roofing material. This setup allows for the absorption of stormwater into the soil, offering improved water management compared to traditional bare roofs. Additionally, green roofs help lower heating and cooling expenses while enhancing air quality.


  1. Self-healing Concrete


While still in its initial phases, this material holds immense promise for sustainability. Once commercially feasible, self-healing concrete could revolutionize various applications, from roads to walkways. With its ability to repair cracks and potholes autonomously, it could eliminate the need for road crews to disrupt busy streets and highway lanes for repairs. Check out our blog post about what to know before hiring commercial masonry contractors in DFW.


  1. Solar Passive Techniques 


Another strategy in commercial construction in Texas for utilizing sustainable solar energy involves adopting the passive solar design approach in construction. By strategically locating and designing the building, it optimizes solar energy utilization for heating in winter while minimizing its impact during hotter months.


  1. Electrochromic Glass


Electrochromic glass has the ability to transition from a clear to an opaque state triggered by external factors like an electrical charge or UV exposure. This eliminates the necessity for traditional shades or window treatments, allowing for passive adaptation to prevailing conditions. Moreover, it offers the added advantage of blocking a significant portion of harmful UV rays.


  1. Solar thermal cladding 


Solar Thermal Cladding is a passive solar building technique engineered to retain heat effectively during colder seasons. This material stores solar energy and transfers it to the building, aiding in maintaining warmth.


  1. Structural 3D printing 


Transporting building materials for commercial construction in Texas often incurs significant environmental impacts. As structural 3D printing gains traction, there’s potential to mitigate these costs by minimizing shipping requirements and reducing the weight of components.


  1. Greywater plumbing systems


By processing all water except for toilet waste, greywater plumbing systems significantly diminish the facility’s reliance on fresh water. Typically, this reclaimed water is utilized for irrigation and supplying toilets.


  1. Grid hybrid system


Renewable energy sources offer organizations a sustainable means to power their commercial properties. However, conventional grid systems often lack the storage capacity to sustain facilities during periods of low solar availability. A hybrid system addresses this challenge by storing surplus energy, enabling renewable sources to operate during nighttime, overcast days, and suboptimal conditions. 

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